Competence Summary

Robust Infrastructure

Warehouses, cold storages, offices, transportation, logistics, selling & distribution, factories have a robust infrastructure.


Portfolio of branded and mass-market products with high brand equity and implicit representation.


Executing the business through the times of economic thick and thins are our key strengths in the Financial operations.

Human Resources

Highly skilled and experienced human resources with the extensive amount of experience on operational expertise in the complex African markets.

Reputation for Integrity

The primacy group, known for integrity and fairness in business dealings has a well-established reputation in the international markets.

Suppliers, Sourcing & Supply Chain Management

On an exclusive basis, a long-standing relationship with world leading suppliers and principals. International standard best practice in managing its supply chain systems delivered by the Primacy group.


Primacy group has maintained excellent relationships with regional/international banking institutions, government bodies, regulators, ancillary industries and other stakeholders.

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