The Primacy Group

Spanning Affiliations with Domains of Cosmos

Primacy group first started in East Africa and after a long and fruitful journey of 7 decades has grown to a fully-fledged business enterprise which has an enormous amount of presence globally involved in Commodities, Agri-business, Food, Industries, Engineering, Infra Development, Shipping, Logistics, and other Services. It’s been following a very consumer-oriented approach in business since their very origin and has been very successful in delivering the best quality products in their sector at most affordable pricing.

It has seen a growing demand for quality products and commodities and accordingly has invested more in infrastructure comprising Warehousing, Cold Storages, Factories, Logistics equipment’s, etc.  The group has been very successful in forming a stable infrastructure that has been supporting and enhancing the optimal distribution of products at the most affordable terms to its customers.

Our Vision

To be a leader by pioneering successful and best global practices and playing a key role in achieving the truly infinite potential of Asian and African continents.

Our Mission

To enhance the character of the life of the societies we work globally by long-term stakeholder profit formulation based on Management with Trust.

Our Values

Primacy Group from the very start has inculcated specific values across its organization executed across organization very firmly:

  • Be the customer-friendly and customer-oriented organization
  • Carry highly ethical work practices across domains and functions
  • Be known for our speed of delivery on all our customer business needs.
  • Imbibe a spirit of dynamism across the entire organization relentlessly.

“Promoting honest and ethical behavior” is the main aim of the code of ethics instilled by the Primacy group for all its officers and employees and it ensures compliance with laws and regulations.

Primacy Group has been following stringent internal practices relentlessly in place to ensure that the group’s various companies and organizations operate with the same ethics and morals as good corporate citizens in the respective jurisdictions.

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